Top 10 Coolest USB Drives

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Using iPhone App Marketing services to boost your app sales on iTunes

All new iPhone app developers realize shortly after their first release that app marketing is serious business.

Standing out in a crowd of 566.000+ applications is not easy, to say the least. Many online resources offer solutions, but most skip over the potential of marketing on your main delivery platform: the iTunes App Store.

Here’s where iSales Boost comes into the picture: This company provides iPhone app marketing services that are out of the ordinary:

iphone app marketing


They provide app promotion services including reviews on the app store for the US app store, but also for any other country of your choice. Why are positive reviews and ratings important? People tend to use iTunes for finding new apps. And when they do, they look at what other people thought about the app.

If you should have requirements that are not on their standard offering, you can contact them to ask for a quote on your idea.

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iPhone App Marketing Guide


Your app marketing woes are over: This post provides a clear oversight on how to approach app marketing in the iTunes App Store.

The App Store currently hosts over 556.000+ applications, and let’s face it: standing out in such a big crowd is hard. So is getting started with iPhone marketing.

App promotion / iOS marketing rests on three pillars:
•    iTunes App Store Marketing
•    Review Sites
•    Online Marketing/PPC campaigns

Read on for a detailed description of each!

  1. iTunes App Store Marketing
This is the most important part of your iPhone marketing mix!
Most people look for cool new apps either on their iPhone/iPad, or through iTunes. Why? It’s the most convenient! That’s why iOS application developers need to focus on their in-store appearance most.

What’s meant under “in-store appearance”: (in order of importance)
•    App name – This should be concise enough to attract attention, but should also contain the most important keywords. It is one of the most important factors in search result ranking within the App Store.
•     Customer Reviews & Ratings – Users look at these two and instantly form an opinion. The importance of customer reviews can’t be stressed enough! It’s hard to get users to review your app. Also, reviews only  appear in the reviewer’s national app store (e.g. a canadian can only see reviews left by canadian users). That’s why it’s important to make sure your app doesn’t look like noone’s ever downloaded it – no reviews = no downloads in the eyes of iTunes users!
 iPhone App Promotion Services  enable you to build a positive image for your app and attract more downloads across different country app stores.

•     Interesting screenshots – Important factor in relaying info about your app

•    App description – Also relevant from a search result perspective. This should start with a list of important features, followed by a text description (ideally keyword optimized)

2. Review Sites

App review sites are a cool way to get a little bit of attention for your application. Some (but not all) users browse these sites for inspiration. It’s also a nice way of link-building to you app’s website if you have one.

Below is a link to a list of app review sites to submit your app to:
(Be aware that some of them charge for reviews)
Review Site List

3. Online Marketing/PPC campaigns

This is the category that people usually pay too much attention to.

While online marketing campaigns, PPC campaigns on search engines and social media (such as facebook) are certainly cornerstones of classic online marketing, they don’t necessarily make sense for applications.

Pay-per-click, (Google, Facebook, etc) campaigns:
Before putting time and money into any of these, consider their payoff. Even if users see and click your link, how many are going to actually buy? How much cost does that mean for you per realized download? Are you still making money on your sales, or is it all going down the drain?
Even if your mind is set on using this option, keep in mind that most users don’t use google search for finding new, intersting apps.

Banner Ads:
Banner ad networks are hit and miss. Unless you can target a certain forum of users with a high likelihood of interest in your product, drop it. It is possible to get positive results though.
One possible route is to shell out for a banner ad campaign by a provider specialized in the area.


Concentrate on creating an appealing brand in the iTunes App Store, and create a positive impression of your app with the rating and review system. Make sure customers in the most important country app stores get the right idea, if necessary by using a review service.
Do not totally omit app review sites and online marketing. You shouldn’t however expect a large effect from these channels.


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